Treating Self Injurious Behaviors (SIBs) in Autism

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When Ethan was young and had ABA Therapy, he used to hit his head a lot, hold his belly and have other SIBS. As you all know, unfortunately he had ABA for the first 10 years of his life. The BCBA always told us that many kids with autism hit their head because they are “avoiding the task”. So according to them, he was avoiding the task all the time.

Self-injurious behaviors (SIBs) in Autism is one of the most concerning issues a parent of a child with autism case face. It is painful to watch when your child hurts themselves. If you wish to prevent further harm and abuse to your child, then you must read this article. The current approaches to SIBs in children and adults with ASD goes against the successful theories and approaches that psychologists have used for many years to treat SIBs in the general population and are actually counter-intuitive and can perpetuate abuse and learned helplessness.

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