This Research and ATSC's upcoming Research is the culmination of over 25 years of Experience, hard work, and Learning. 

These papers have been viewed a combined 200,000+ times and have made a large impact in the autism and special needs community.

                         It is our hope that our continuing research will continue to make an impact and broaden the horizons

                                                         of what is considered possible with special needs people!


Visual Communication Analysis (VCA): Implementing Self-Determination Theory and Research-based practices

 in Special Education Classrooms

Visual Communication Analysis (VCA): Applying Self-Determination Theory and Research-based Practices to Autism

Early Intervention for an At-Risk 16-Month Old Using Visual Communication Analysis (VCA) Leads to Gifted Performance

Treating Self-injurious Behaviors in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Long-term ABA Therapy Is Abusive: A Response to Gorycki, Ruppel, and Zane

The Trauma of Broad-Based Inclusion for Students with Autism

How Much Compliance is too much Compliance: Is Long-Term ABA therapy Abuse?