Facilitated Communication (FC)

January 1st, 2012 | Admin

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Facilitated Communication is a technique where a facilitator supports the arm or hand of a communicatively impaired person. This is done to assist a person with impaired motor skills to use a keyboard in order to help the individual develop communication skills. This procedure is controversial since most peer-reviewed studies conclude that the typed output attributed to the kids is directed or systematically determined by the therapist.



    • A 2001 study concluded that “using FC as an intervention for communicatively impaired or noncommunicative individuals is not recommended.”  Review of Facilitated Communication


    • In 2007, Scott Lilienfeld included FC on a list of treatments that have the potential to cause harm. FC has been associated with at least five dozen allegations of child sexual abuse against the parents of autistic children, the substantial majority of which have never been corroborated  Treatments that cause harm


    • After 30 years of FC, Sue Rubin is one of the handful individuals in the world who can type independently. She was initially diagnosed as mentally retarded and now types without physical support and attends college because of FC. In this article she describes her experience with a facilitator. A recipe for success


    • On January 6, 2012, ABC’s 20/20 did a piece on Facilitated Communication. Who is doing the typing: the facilitator or the person with the communication impairment? Watch the video



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