The goal of any evaluation is to understand the student’s capabilities. There are no standardized tests for children with severe autism and any results from other standardized tests are meaningless for children with severe autism. Consequently, our evaluations are designed to test if the student is able to learn and how fast they are able to learn.

The Evaluation

The evaluation itself takes 10 hours and is performed over five days in a specialized classroom to ensure that there are no biases and get a more accurate picture of the student’s abilities. If the student is not feeling well or did not sleep on one day, the evaluation is not swayed by a single data point. Instead we look at all the sessions over the 5 days.

Students with autism are easily overwhelmed by their environment and so we use specialized classrooms for the evaluation. Each classroom is designed for a single student and has LED lighting and no decorations on the walls. The rooms are isolated and are relatively soundproofed.

During the evaluation we make extensive use of technology to help measure student performance as well as other metrics about their learning behavior. We measure the total time they are able to concentrate as well as the average time they are able to attend to tasks before they need a break. We also measure the average time it takes to complete each type of task. We are also able to identify if there are any potential vision problems and recommend a professional vision evaluation.


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