Autism, Eloping and AWOL – Some Ideas

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What’s the Password?



eloping safety safeHaving a secret “password” with your child could be a lifesaver. Come up with a simple, easy to remember word for a password and teach your child to remember it (if they are verbal)

Tell your child that if someone they do not recognize tries to pick them up, they need to ask the stranger for the password. If the stranger does not know the password, then instruct your child to run away and/or call for help.




eloping safety clothes 1Try to keep any piece of clothing your child has worn in a closed zip lock bag. Write the date on it and put your child’s photo in the bag. Put the bag in the closet and tell you husband, wife, kids or anyone who help with your child. In case of emergency when you cannot find your child, call 911 and ask them to bring a search dog with them. Please do not open the bag because the scent stays stronger in a sealed bag.







Wireless Alarm

eloping alarm pkgThis alarm is easy to install and will alert you when your child leaves the house. Put one on the front door and save the other one for when you go on vacation.









Keypad Exit Lock

eloping keyThis lock is very easy to install, but it is a bit pricey but worth every $$$. You don’t have to worry about looking for keys and allows you to prevent your child from leaving.








Temporary Tattoo

eloping tatto







If you child is nonverbal, a temporary tattoo is another was to record their personal ID in case they elope.


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