Visual Communication Analysis (VCA)
a new strategyfor teaching autistic children

Visual Communication Analysis is a strategy targeted at autistic children who think in pictures i.e. visual learners.
This technique is a combination of strategies used to teach
visual learners with the techniques of behavioral analysis. It has shown remarkable success with those children who have failed
to progress using standard ABA practices.

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Ethan's Story
Breaking the Autism Glass Ceiling

Alternative Teaching Strategy Center is a non-profit dedicated to helping families with children with autism by providing them access to resources that will help educate their children.

The Center was started by parents of high school and adult autistic children. We are the battle scarred veterans who have "been there, done that" and were still left wanting more. We have worked with School Districts, Speech Therapists, adults with autism and other experts to create Visual Communication Analysis , a tried and tested methodology for teaching people with autism especially the non-verbal ones.